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VENTUS is a new typeline of air conditioning and ventilation units offered by VTS.


The new Defender is the most important premiere of the year on the market.


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Terminal Units


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Air Diffusers

Quiet, free of draught and well-designed to blend in among other fittings in their surroundings, our air diffusers give rooms a fresh indoor climate, without our senses having to perceive this; without disturbing us in our daily life.

Air Handling Units

Clean and healthy air with some of the most energy efficient air handling units and fans on the market. The high performance and long-term financial benefits set the standard for future generations of air handling units.

Chillers and Heat Pumps

Energy-efficient air cooled and water cooled hydronic units and heat pumps.


Demand Controlled Ventilation

Achieve the most efficient climate system with our products for demand-controlled ventilation and varable air flows.

Home Ventilation

Home ventilation for the greatest comfort and optimal economy.

Waterborne Climate Systems

No drainage, no fans and no motors - no moving parts! Our waterborne systems require minimal maintenance. From the awarded and ground-breaking comfort modules to the classic chilled beam climate systems and perimeter systems.