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Green Solutions LTD. New Zealand company an exclusive agent of Swegon. Company team specializes in providing newest engineering HVAC/heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions for commercial building industry sector.

As a member of New Zealand Green Building Council the company specialize in age cutting efficient technologies that enable the building owner to achieve highest score in green building stars rating. All Green Solutions products are highly efficient and Eurovent certified.

The company mission is to create healthy and productive indoor climate as well as to sustain the pure environment of New Zealand.

Swegon AB is a company in the Latour group and manufactures and sells products and solutions for ventilation and indoor climate systems. The Swegon company group has 1400 employees and the turnover is 360M EUR.

Swegon is based in Sweden, but has an important world export organisation with sales companies in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the USA, United Arab Emirates, and distributors in most other European countries. The production and technical development are located at our four factories in Kvänum, Tomelilla and Arvika in Sweden, and S:t Karins in Finland.

Swegon AB's Quality Assurance and Environmental management systems are certified to the SS-EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

The Blue Box a company in the Swegon Group. Our story opens in 1986 with the incorporation of Blue Box, specialised in the production of air conditioning plants for large spaces.

The rapid development and enormous success of the company on the market are largely due to a revolutionary move in its early years that was destined to leave an indelible mark on the entire industry; in 1987 the newly-formed company was the first in Italy to design and build refrigerator units with screw compressors, an innovation that brought significant benefits to the product in terms of reliability and noise reduction in a development whose importance is still recognised today, given that almost all of the world's large scale air conditioning systems are now equipped with this type of compressor.

The Blue Box Group today is one of the leading operators in the air conditioning sector, with a workforce of some 300 and 5 production facilities.

VTS is a leading European supplier of air handling units with the headquarter in Poland. We are constantly developing and implementing new technologies in order to create a product which fully satisfies our Clients' expectations. VTS air handlers are TUV and Eurovent certified.

We are able to provide perfect atmosphere in any construction project around the world – regardless of its purpose, size and climate conditions.

We let millions of people live in comfort everyday as they breathe fresh air, work and rest with optimal climate.

Aertesi designs and manufactures systems for comprehensive interior climate control in all types of surroundings. Leveraging the results generated by our intensive R&D work, Aertesi can offer a range of innovative system engineering solutions for:

  • The home
  • Office space and shops
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hotels and restaurants

Accumulated technical experience enables Aertesi to deliver excellence and quality in the fields of air conditioning and heating. Our dedication to maximizing the conservation of energy sources has brought Aertesi to a position of prominence in the following areas:

  • GEOTHERMIC energy units
  • Polyvalent units
  • Hidronic terminal units also with sensible temperature/humidity treatment
  • Hidronic terminal units with medium/high pressure
  • Split without external motocondenser
  • Dehumidifier for radiant cooling
  • High efficiency heat pumps for radiant cooling and heating
  • Controllers for integrated systems